Just About Music » Ruby Chen Releases Music EP ‘Circles’ Jan 2014

Ruby Chen Releases Music EP ‘Circles’ Jan 2014

Ruby Chen Releases Music EP ‘Circles’ Jan 2014sss

“As the Singapore Char Siew Baos’ lead vocalist and female face, Ruby is no newcomer to the music scene. Back in 2010, the Singapore Char Siew Baos became a household name after their stunning performances in Mediacorp Channel 5’s talent competition “One Moment of Glory”. Finishing as semi-finalists and encouraged by the support of fans, Ruby and the band have gone on to become a well-known act on the live-music circuit, playing regularly at venues such as Hood Bar and Café, Jewelbox, Fivebar and Da Paolo in addition to other events, such as the recent 2014 Countdown Celebration at the Esplanade.
In addition to performing live, Ruby has also been penning tunes and lyrics. Some of these were written for and performed at charity events such as Earth Hour 2013 and World Cancer Day 2013, but the best of the rest are now collected for the first time in this debut EP .
Inspired and drawn from Ruby’s bumps and jumps on life’s journey, the songs explore facets of love and loss, at times gingerly and tender and deeply soulful, at others laid back bordering on jaded, at yet others dynamic and explosive. Under the skilful direction of producer/arranger Clement Yang, Ruby’s thick rich vocals weave their way through a variety of soundscapes: R&B, pop bossa, blues-rock, ballads, and even mandopop, while her heartfelt lyrics shine fresh light on old themes with unique perspective.
Indeed is not unlike sitting down with a toasty cup of hot chocolate on a rainy day: heart-warmingly rich and comforting mostly, but also evoking reminiscences and memories, complicatedly aromatic, with a hint of bitterness to set off the sweet.
is now available at CD Rama and all good music stores. 
You may also download from iTunes and Singtel’s Amped! 
Ruby has recently launched her 8 tracks EP at Hood Bar and Café on the 25 Jan 2014 to a very responsive audience. She performed all the songs with a 7-piece band, of which 3 of them are from the Singapore Char Siew Baos’. That evening was magical and the feedback was a high positive!

Vocal Classes with Ruby are Available at JAM

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