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Our Faculty

Jacob Teo

Electric & Acoustic Guitar Instructor

Jacob has been playing the guitar since 12 years of age. Since then, he has had the privilege to study under many teachers, such as Viviene Nonis, Singapore’s jazz bebop pioneer and Regi Leo.

A part of the local music scene since 2005, Jacob performs regularly at Singapore’s live music establishments. Jacob has performed at the Singapore Indoor Stadium and at the Esplanade multiple times, with various bands. In 2010, he was invited to perform at Mediacorp’s Countdown 2011 party at the Marina Bay floating platform.

Jacob is part of the Singapore Char Siew Baos! – a local band that participated in Mediacorp’s 2010 hit reality show One Moment of Glory. The band stayed in the competition for 11 weeks and reached the semi-finals.

A well-rounded guitarist, Jacob is a patient teacher who takes effort in explaining and demonstrating musical concepts to his students. Many of his students have been learning under him for several years.

Jacob focuses on the blues, basic rock and jazz fundamentals. He teaches the beginner and intermediate guitar courses.