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Our Faculty

Just About Music’s Faculty is at the heart of everything that we do. Consisting of professional musicians, our instructors are experienced and reputable performers in their chosen field, with multiple years of experience.

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Jacob Teo
Electric & Acoustic Guitar Instructor


Jacob has been playing the guitar since 12 years of age. Since then, he has had the privilege to study under many teachers, such as Viviene Nonis, Singapore’s jazz bebop pioneer and Regi Leo.

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Timothy Chng
Drums & Percussion Instructor


Tim dabbled with percussion at 11 years of age and started playing drums at 12. He has over half a decade’s experience as a professional in the entertainment and music industry, as a music educator, performing musician and in event, stage and sound management.
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Chief Drum Instructor


Zach has been a Drummer boy for 20 over years now and has played with countless professional bands locally and nearby countries.

He has been to Taiwan, Indonesia and Bangkok for gigs with overseas musicians. In the local scene, he was with John Molina & Kruger at the old Europa, where he rocked out night after night! Zach also had the privelege of being the resident drummer for Tania (our national treasure) for 3 years at Anywhere Pub and afterwards with Douglas O at Le Baroque
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