5 benefits of being a JAM student

1.       Learn the music YOU enjoy!

We offer lessons on a wide range of musical styles, from classical to pop, jazz to rock – catered to your current skill level.

2.       Guaranteed mastery of course material

We are passionate about teaching and believe in providing the highest quality lessons. Each lesson is tailored to meet your unique goals and needs, guaranteeing a firm foundation at each stage of the learning curve.

3.       Syllabus recognized and used by many schools in Singapore

Certified Courses taught such as Rock & Pop ( Trinity College of Music ).

4.       JAM studio for rehearsals

We believe that a crucial element of music education lies in interaction with peers – and that is precisely why we have two JAM studios in the school for students to JAM as a band.

In addition, at Just About Music, being exposed to performing in a band is part of each student’s curriculum.  

5.       We make music education seriously fun!

While we are serious about providing the best music education, lessons are taught in a fun and innovative way to make lessons seriously fun for both children and adults.